Last Updated On: July 12, 2021

In the previous tutorials, you’ve learned how to insert many ActivePresenter objects into a project such as shapes, images, text captions, spotlight, you name it. Besides, ActivePresenter 8 also allows you to add YouTube videos to your project by embedding them in a slide. This way, you can easily stream and play YouTube videos within the presentation. Let’s explore that in this tutorial right now!

Insert YouTube Videos

In fact, YouTube videos can be used as an effective eLearning tool to make your course more interactive and informative. Do the following steps to insert YouTube videos to your project:

Step 1: Access the Insert tab > YouTube Access the Insert tab data-lazy-src=

Insert YouTube dialog appears

Step 2: Enter the URL of a YouTube video into the Link text box (1).

Step 3: Click Preview (2) load and preview the video within the dialog. Alternatively, press ENTER on the keyboard.

Step 4: Specify playback options (3) for the video.

  • Autoplay: Make the video start playing as soon as the slide’s timeline reaches the start of the video object. In other words, this option determines whether the video will start automatically or you must click the video to play it.
  • Hide Annotations: Hide annotations in the video such as notes, labels, or titles.
  • Hide Controls: Hide the player controls for the video. Bear in mind that without controls, you can still play or pause the video by clicking it.
  • Disable Scaling: Keep embedded content the same when scaling a slide. For example, when zooming and panning in the AutoFit mode of the presentation. This option is turned on by default.
  • Play Specific Part: Embed just a part of the video. Select this option then enter the start and end time (in seconds) in the spin boxes. For example, if the duration of a video is 2 minutes, and you want it to start playing at the 20th second and stop at the 60th second, enter 20 and 60 in the two boxes respectively.

Step 5: Click OK (4) to finish.

Work with Embedded Videos

After embedding a YouTube video within an object on a slide, ActivePresenter brings you some options to customize it. 

First of all, you can replace the YouTube Video link by accessing the Properties pane > Size & Properties > YouTube > Edit.

accessing the Properties pane > Size & Properties > YouTube > Edit.

As said earlier, YouTube video is an ActivePresenter object as well. Therefore, right-click the video object on the Canvas to see more options:

 right-click the video object on the Canvas to see more options to customize it

If you want to save and reuse the YouTube video across projects, select Add to Template (5) to hold it in the Object Templates. Check out the tutorial Create and Use Object Templates in ActivePresenter 8 for more detail. 

After embedding the YouTube video on a slide, you can resize it to the desired size. However, in case the change doesn’t please you, right-click the HTML package > Restore Original Size (6).

Besides, you can also update the thumbnail for the current object, right-click the object > Update Thumbnail (7). 

What’s more, you can Lock (8) the object, Lock Size and Position (9) or Hide (10) it on the slide.


  • YouTube video only works in HTML5 output. So, in other outputs, it is exported as an image.
  • Due to technical limitations, there is no warranty that the playback of a YouTube video will always synchronize with the playback of the project.
  • On mobile devices, only user-initiated playback is acceptable. So, users need to click a YouTube video to play it even when they enable Autoplay. For this reason, you should not select the Hide Controls option when creating content for mobile devices.


So, that’s all the technique to add YouTube videos into ActivePresenter 8 projects. Download the app and feel free to contact us.

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