Last Updated On: July 12, 2021

Regarding working with themes, have you ever wished that you can save the themes you’ve created then use them later? With the release of ActivePresenter 8, this process is just a breeze. Besides the built-in themes that the app offers you, you can now create your own custom themes to meet your needs. Sounds interesting? So, this article will show you all techniques to use custom themes in ActivePresenter 8

You will walk through 4 stages in this tutorial:

Let’s get started now!

Save Custom Themes

Supposing you are creating a project and after customizing it, now you have a consistent visual theme. Then, you want to save it to reuse later on. To get it done, do either of the following:

  • Access the Design tab > select Save Current Theme… from the bottom of the theme gallery. Then, type a name for your theme and click Save.
  • Click ActivePresenter ActivePresenter logo button > Save or Save As….. Alternatively, press CTRL+S on the keyboard. Next, select ActivePresenter Theme (*.aptheme) in the Save as type list > click Save.
Save themes as custom themes

Normally, your file can be saved in the ActivePresenter Templates folder (C:\Users\<user_name>\Documents\ActivePresenter Templates (for Windows) or /Users/<user_name>/Documents/ActivePresenter Templates (for macOS)). In this way, in the Start Page, your theme will appear in the Custom Themes of the Templates. 

For example, if I saved a theme called “Small Plants”, it will display in the Custom section of the Start Page like the below screenshot: 

custom themes in ActivePresenter 8 - in the Start Page

In the Custom section, all the themes appear according to the alphabetical order of their names. 

Use Custom Themes

Overall, ActivePresenter 8 lets you create projects from custom themes on the Start Page. To create a new project based on the “Small Plants”, do as below guiding:

Step 1: In the Start Page > Custom > right-click or click the Small Plants thumbnail. Next, the Preview dialog appears like this: 

Preview the custom theme in ActivePresenter

Here, you can: 

Step 2: Click one of the four options above to create a new project. For example, in case you select Blank Project, this is what you get:

Blank Project created by a custom theme in ActivePresenter

Customize Custom Themes

Basically, custom themes are also themes. Therefore, you can edit and work with them the same way as you normally do. 

Design tab

Firstly, access the Design tab, as you can see your custom theme is displayed with a gray outline in the theme gallery. From here, you can: 

Share Custom Themes

Let’s say that you want to share your custom themes with your friends and co-workers. For this reason, ActivePresenter 8 just takes you one minute surely. All you need to do is send the .aptheme files to them. Then, make sure those files are saved in the ActivePresenter Templates folder on their computer to show the custom themes in the app.

So, that’s enough to know how to use custom themes in ActivePresenter 8. Hope that it inspires you. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials on our page.

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