Frequently Asked Questions

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Licensing & Sales Questions

Who can use the ActivePresenter Free Edition?

The ActivePresenter Free Edition is free for personal and non-commercial use.

Where can I download ActivePresenter Pro Edition?

We use one setup package for all editions of ActivePresenter. That means you can test all features of Pro Edition in the Free Edition. The only difference is the watermark will appear in unavailable outputs.

How does the non-free edition cost? Do I need to refresh the license after a period of time?

The prices for ActivePresenter Standard and Pro are kept up to date on our Pricing page.
All the licenses are perpetual, that means you only have to pay once.

How much do I have to pay to upgrade to a newer version?

All purchases include one year of free upgrades. For more details, please refer to our Software Upgrade Policy.

Is the license machine-based or user-based?

The license is machine-based and requires activation. That means you will have to activate ActivePresenter with a product key to use it. You can deactivate it at any time to move the license to another computer.

Can I move the license from one device to another?

The license is tied to a specific computer upon activation but you can always deactivate it and move it to another computer any time you want with a few mouse clicks.
To deactivate, start ActivePresenter and go to the Help tab, click Deactivate Product.
After deactivation, you can reuse your product key to activate ActivePresenter on another device.

Can I manage the activations/license usage myself?

Yes, you can manage the activations yourself using the portal at:

Usage Questions

Where can I get support?

You can post your questions on the User Community or email directly to us at

Does ActivePresenter support macOS?
I export my project to video but when I click the button, it doesn’t work.

The interactive feature is not available in the video outputs due to the nature of these formats. You should consider using the HTML5 output instead.

When I start capture, ActivePresenter disappears, how can I stop it?

You can stop capture by using the default hot key Ctrl + End or clicking the ActivePresenter icon on the right of the Windows Taskbar.