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Starting and stopping the screen recording in ActivePresenter 9 are super easy. You can start your recording by pressing the Rec button. And stop the recording phase using either hotkeys or recording options. Find details below.

Known for its functionality as a screen recorder, video editor, and eLearning authoring tool, ActivePresenter is an all-in-one package. As a screen recorder, the app allows you to record the screen as a video and record interactive simulations. Each provides you with tools and commands to record the screen, then show its typical output on Canvas. Apart from those differences, the way to start and stop recording the screen of the two features is the same. Now without further ado, let this article teach you how to:

Don’t hesitate to install ActivePresenter 9 and start recording for now!

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Let’s start!

Start Recording Screen

As mentioned above, there are two options to record the screen in ActivePresenter 9. You can find them on the Start Page right after launching the app. Alternatively, click the ActivePresenter button at the top-left corner of the main editing workspace and select a recording mode. 

Select recording mode to start

In this example, suppose that you plan to create a video demo. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select Record Screen as Video. Then, you can see a blue rectangle and a dialog pop up. 

Recording dialog and capture area

Step 2: Set up the recording area and other settings. You can learn more about how to do that in Record Screen as Video and Record Interactive Simulation

Step 3: After finishing the settings, click the REC button to start recording. 

Start recording by pressing the Record button

Then, after counting down for 3 seconds, ActivePresenter 9 starts to record all of the actions inside the recording area. 

Recording countdown

Note: The screen can be captured as single or multiple slides within the current project. For more details, see How to Insert New Slides

Stop Recording Screen

There are two ways to finish recording in ActivePresenter 9: Use hotkeys and use the Recording Toolbar Dialog

Use Hotkeys 

Simply press CTRL+END (for Windows) or ⌥⌘2 (for macOS) to stop recording the screen. This hotkey, however, can be changed according to your preference. To do that:

  • Click the gear button at the top-right corner of the recording dialog > select Recording Settings…
  • Open the Hotkeys tab in the dialog that appears > tick the Use Hotkeys checkbox.
  • Assign new hotkeys by clicking any command box and pressing a key or a combination of keys.
Recording hotkeys

If the new hotkeys don’t satisfy you, click the Restore Defaults button to revert to the default settings.

Use Recording Toolbar Dialog

Another way to finish recording is to use commands in the Recording Toolbar dialog. As soon as you begin recording, the main dialog will be hidden. The ActivePresenter icon will instead appear in the system tray or Taskbar.

ActivePresenter icon in system tray or taskbar

Now, click the icon to show the Recording Toolbar dialog. 

Recording toolbar

The dialog lets you know the information about the recording process in 3 sections namely Statistics, Duration, and Audio. It also provides you with 3 buttons to Pause (1), Stop (2), and Discard (3) the process.

  • Press the Pause button if you want to pause the recording temporarily. It is useful when you have something else on your mind and need to suspend the recording process. Click the button again to resume. 
  • Click the Stop button to finish the recording. It immediately directs you to the working space where you can edit it the way you wish. 
  • Click the Discard button to see a newly pops-up dialog that offers you 3 more options. 
more recording options
  • Discard means stopping the recording project you are working on and deleting everything you have recorded so far.
  • Re-capture if you want to stop the current recording without saving it and start over with the previous recording settings. 
  • Continue resumes the current recording.

With ActivePresenter 9, the start and stop recording screen process is so simple. Download and learn more about the app by visiting our Website and Blog

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