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Editing Output Language

As you know, ActivePresenter allows localizing projects which is adapt projects for the use in a specific region with a different language and culture. In addition to localizing the project content, the output language (in HTML5) can also be translated, tailoring to the viewers’ mother tongue. With many supported languages, you can have the objects of the Player (e.g. elements, tooltips of the command button on the Toolbar) or the messages automatically translated to other languages.

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Adding Gesture Effects

Gesture effects are what you need when creating tutorials based on mobile and touch devices. They are visual effects that simulate taps, swipes, pinches, and the like in your demonstration.

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Creating eLearning Games 04: Crossword Game

Crossword game is both interesting and intellectual at the same time. You can use it to provide learners with vocabulary in a particular field or test their knowledge in a refreshing way.
Today, we’ll learn how to create this type of game with ActivePresenter 7: Fruit Names.

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Five Easy-peasy Tips to Create Interactive Software Simulations

If you have new software, would you like to train your users how to use it effectively? Do you want to have a home-based and low-budget training method? If yes, software simulations are what you need. An effective simulation is not difficult to create, as long as you have a professional screencasting tool.

Creating Quizzes in ActivePresenter 7

Quizzes are critical elements of a test. They allow you to test performances of learners, collect information and opinions of viewers, and so much more. Besides, quizzes come in handy when you need to create surveys.

How to record system sound from your computer

This article is out of date. Visit our latest article about: Recording audio from microphone and system audio Recording voice narration is very popular while making a screen-cast with ActivePresenter or any other screencasting tools. But there is also another common...

Insert Audio in ActivePresenter 7

ActivePresenter lets you insert an audio in a slide or a specific object. You can do this by importing an audio from existing files or recording a new audio.

Using Audio Fade In/Fade Out

ActivePresenter 7 supports more audio effects such as Audio Fade and Audio Noise Reduction. They let you improve your audio quality in general and recording quality in particular. In the scope of this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Audio Fade feature. Audio Noise Reduction will be saved for another article.

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