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Question Score and Report in ActivePresenter 7

In creating eLearning content, defining how to score and report learner results is one of the most important tasks, especially when tracking online learners needed. Not to mention a clear report can give learners a better view of what they should focus on and what they need to practice more to get a better result next times.
This article will cover how to define score and report of interactive questions (as well as interactive objects) in ActivePresenter 7.

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Exporting Projects to PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML SlideShow Documents

ActivePresenter makes many output formats available, namely image, video, HTML SlideShow, document, and HTML5. This article will show you how to export ActivePresenter projects to document formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and HTML SlideShow). Exporting to PowerPoint presentation is presented here. Generally, you can use these exporting methods to save projects as PDF or other document types.

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Adding Custom Scripts

Using ActivePresenter, you don’t need to know JavaScript to design dynamic and advanced courses. But if you want to go beyond the long list of built-in actions, add custom scripts. This tutorial shows you how.

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Working with Active Window Feature

In recording screen, an Active Window is a top-level window in the recorded application that is active at a time. With the Active Window feature, ActivePresenter can automatically detect the area that you want to record and save it in the recorded slide.

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Split and Merge Slides

ActivePresenter 7 allows you to split and merge slides. So, you can find it easier to manage contents and work with slides in your projects.

How To Record Screen And Edit Recorded Videos With ActivePresenter

There are a larger number of screen recording tools (also called screencasting tools) out there. Basically, the simplest screen recorders just capture what’s happening on the screen, and allow you to save recorded videos in the common formats like MP4. Besides, there are also a few screencasting tools having some basic video editing options but watermarks added to the output videos.

However, when technology advances and user demands are on the rise, an application with just the facility for recording screen seems to be not enough. You may need a full-featured application which supports the capabilities to record screen, change the volume, adjust the speed, and insert background music into recorded videos, etc.

Then, here is the solution to meet all your requirements: ActivePresenter. This is a screen recording, video editing, and eLearning authoring tool with a large variety of powerful features, helping you to capture screen and edit captured videos in a matter of minutes. More importantly, ActivePresenter free version provides full access to all video editing features, and you can edit videos without time limit, watermarks, and pop-up ads.

Still not convinced? So, let’s take a closer look at how you can both record screen and edit recorded videos just using ActivePresenter.

4 Core Benefits of eLearning Quizzes

As an essential part of eLearning courses, quizzes do good to both educators and learners. How so? Keep reading to learn four core benefits of eLearning quizzes together with secret tips to design appealing and successful quizzes.

Inserting Text Captions and Highlights

Easy to insert a text caption and highlight in ActivePresenter. This tutorial gives you all details about how to do that.

Creating CSS3 Animation Keyframes Easily with Saola Animate

Using animation keyframes, you can create stunning CSS3 keyframe animation. As a CSS3-based animation tool, Saola Animate lets you create animation keyframes easily with a few clicks of the mouse. This tutorial shows you the steps to create and edit animation keyframes in Saola Animate.

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