Last Updated On: July 12, 2021

Using mouse cursor and effects in captured videos will help viewers follow your actions easily. In fact, after recording videos, you may want to change the mouse cursor in terms of shape and highlight; or even show/hide mouse effects. All the techniques for changing mouse cursor and mouse click in captured videos in ActivePresenter 8 will be revealed in this tutorial.

So, keep reading to learn how to do that.  

Generally, there are two tasks for you: enable editing the mouse cursor and change it in the recorded videos. Let’s begin with the first one.

Enable Editing Mouse Cursor and Mouse Clicks in Captured Video 

Remember to enable this feature before starting to record videos. Thanks to that, you can change the mouse cursor in any captured video. 

Step 1: In the Record Video Project dialog, click the Settings button (1). Next, select Recording Settings… (2).

Record Video Project dialog

Step 2: Open the Cursor tab in the Recording Settings for Video dialog that pops up.

Record Settings for video

Step 3: Select the Record Mouse Cursor (3) and Make Cursor Editable for Full Motion Recording check box (4).

  • Record Mouse Cursor: ActivePresenter will record the mouse movement on screen that makes it easier for the viewers to follow your steps. In case you don’t select this check box, your video will not have a mouse movements record.
  • Make Cursor Editable for Full Motion Recording: ActivePresenter allows you to edit the cursor highlight, mouse click sounds, and effects in recorded video if this option is selected before recording.

Note: Have in mind to select both of these two options. If you only check the first one, you can only record the mouse cursor but cannot edit it later. On the other hand, if you only check the second one, your captured video will not have the mouse cursor. Therefore, you cannot edit it.

  • Exclude Layered Windows While Recording to Reduce Cursor Flickering (5): When recording videos, some layered windows may appear on the screen. In that case, ActivePresenter will exclude those windows that you don’t want to record.

Take a look at the Cursor Effects section. Select On (6) instead of Off which is selected by default. This way, the mouse movements in your video will have full effects. Otherwise, you still can change it in your captured videos. Please refer to Working with Recording Settings Dialog for more information.

Change Mouse Cursor and Mouse Clicks in Captured Videos

After completing the first task and have your own recorded video. Let’s change the mouse cursors the way you want.  

Step 1: Select the captured video.

Step 2: Go to the Properties pane > Media tab (7) > Cursor Effects section. Now, you can see all the options

Step 3: Select the Render Cursor check box (8) to activate all the cursor properties.

In case you don’t select this check box, the cursor will not appear in your recorded video.

Step 4: Modify mouse cursor effects properties.

Cursor effects section
  • Cursor Highlight (9): Highlight the cursor.
    • Type: Type of highlight effect (None, Circle, and Square).
    • Size: Size of the highlight effect. It is the radius of the circle in the Circle highlight or half of the width of the square in the Square highlight.
    • Color: Color of the highlight.

Click the Color Picker split button to change the cursor highlight. You should use some attention-grabbing colors such as red, yellow, and green for better effect.

  • Opacity: Transparency of the highlight.

Drag the Opacity slider to change the opacity level. Nevertheless, don’t make it too low because it can be hard to follow.

  • Left-Click Effects (9)/Right-Click Effects (10)/Left Double-Click Effects (11): Play a sound and render an animation when the mouse is left-clicked, right-clicked, or left double-clicked.
    • Click Sound: The sound which is played when a mouse button is pressed.

Click the Click Sound arrow button and select one soundtrack from the drop-down list. Besides, it is possible to import an audio file from your computer or other projects.

  • Click Effect: The animation effect (None, Circle, Concentric Circles, and Square) is rendered when a mouse button is pressed.

In addition, the properties of the click effect (Size, Color, and Opacity) are the same as those of the cursor highlight.


So, now you know how to change mouse cursor and mouse clicks in recorded videos with ActivePresenter 8. Hope that it helps. Visit our Tutorial, Twitter, Facebook page, or YouTube channel to get more interesting information.

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