Last Updated On: October 27, 2022

ActivePresenter 8 gives you simple and easy ways to start and stop recording which will be pointed out in this tutorial.

Start Recording

You now work with a very intuitive user interface in ActivePresenter 8. From the Start Page, you can choose between Record Video or Record Software Simulation to start recording in minutes.  

The former is for recording a video demonstration as a video project. The latter is for creating a software simulation as a slide-based one.  

Start recording from the Start Page

Assume that you plan to create a video demo. Then, do the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Start Page > Record Video. Then, the blue rectangle and the Record Video Project dialog appear.

The blue rectangle and the Record Video Project dialog appear.

Step 2: Specify the recording area and other settings. For more details, see How to Record Video Demonstrations and How to Record Software Simulations.

Step 3: To start recording, click the Record button.

To start recording, click the Record button.

ActivePresenter will start to record after the countdown. Then, all of your actions happening inside the selected recording area will be recorded.

Note: The Record Video and Record Software Simulation commands are also available in the editor.  You can click the ActivePresenter button to select one of these commands and start recording a new project. Or, select them from the Home tab to capture screen as one or multiple slides in the current project.

Finish Recording

Use Hotkeys

The easiest way to stop recording is by pressing CTRL and END (for Windows) or ⌥⌘2 (for macOS). However, you are able to change this keyboard hotkey to any of your choices. To do that, access the Recording Settings dialog by clicking the gear icon at the top-right corner of the Record Video Project dialog. Then you can see a Hotkeys tab here. This tab allows you to set the shortcuts for some of the most usually used commands such as Pause/Resume, Stop, and Cancel. 

You can just click any command box and then press a key or a combination of keys to assign new hotkeys.

Note: Because of the differences between macOS and Windows keyboards, you need to use different hotkeys for performing these commands.  

Because of the differences between macOS and Windows keyboards, you need to use different hotkeys for performing commands.

Use Recording Toolbar Dialog

In addition, the commands above can be found in the Recording Toolbar dialog. When you start recording, the main dialog will be hidden. Instead, the ActivePresenter icon will appear on the Taskbar or system tray.

ActivePresenter icon in windows and macOS

Then, click the ActivePresenter icon to show the Recording Toolbar dialog.

To show the Recording Toolbar dialog, click the ActivePresenter icon in the system tray.

The Recording Toolbar gives you basic information about statistics, recording duration, sound level, and webcam preview. This toolbar also offers three functional commands: Pause, Stop and Discard.

  • Pause (1): Come in handy when you’re busy with something and need to suspend the recording process for a while. Click Pause to temporarily pause the recording and click it again to resume. 
  • Stop (2): Click to stop recording. Click Stop to end the recording and step into the editing process.
  • Discard (3): Click this button to display a dialog giving you three options. Discard is to abort the project that you are currently recording and remove all of what you’ve recorded. Otherwise, Re-capture is to abort the current recording without saving it and start a new recording with previous settings. Continue is to resume the current recording.
Options for discarding recording

Tip: Showing the Recording Toolbar dialog right from the start of recording is good when capturing a part of the screen, especially when recording webcam at once. In the latter case, you’re able to see a live preview of yourself. To do that, in the Record Video Project dialog, click the Settings button (the gear icon) > select Show Recording Toolbar. However, the app will record anything happening inside the recording area, you should place this toolbar outside the selected area.

It’s so simple to start and stop recording in ActivePresenter 8. Download the app today and create a new recording project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support.   

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