(Last Updated: March 21, 2018)

With ActivePresenter, it’s easy to brand your training course with a logo. This tutorial shows you how to add company logos to your training content.

Using Slide Masters to Add Company Logos

Slide Masters give your entire project a uniform appearance. When you edit the slide master, your changes will take effect in all slides linking with that slide master.

Using Slide Masters is an ideal way to add company logos to your training content because you can decide which slide layouts will display the logo. Besides, this avoids accidentally edit or delete the logo in the normal view (when you work with slides) as the logo then appears as a background object. Thus, to edit a logo added to a Slide Master, you must switch to the Master View.

Perform the following:

Step 1: Switch to the Master View (View tab > Slide Master).

add company logos 01

Step 2: To add the logo to your entire project, select the slide master. It is the large topmost slide thumbnail in the thumbnail pane.

add company logos 02

Step 3: Insert your logo into the slide master (Annotations tab > Image). The logo appears in the slide master and all slide layouts within the hierarchy.

add company logos 03

Step 4: Resize and reposition the logo as you want.

Step 5: Right-click the logo and select Display Order > Send to Back to place the logo in the bottom layer of the stack order of slide objects. Do that because the logo shouldn’t cover the slide content within placeholders.

add company logos 04

Step 6: You can hide the logo in some slide layouts. To do that, select the layout and choose Background Styles > Hide Background Objects.

add company logos 05

Step 7: When done, click Close Master View to go back to the normal view and work with slides in your project.

Tip: If you want the logo to appear in a specific slide layout, in the Master View, select that layout only to insert the logo.

Showing the Logo over Multiple Slides

Another way to add company logos to your training course is use the Show over Multiple Slides option. As the name implies, this option shows a single object over multiple slides in a project.

Do the following:

Step 1: Insert your logo into a slide (Annotations tab > Image). Your logo automatically shows to the end of the slide (Properties pane > Size & Properties > Timing > Show to the End of Slide). Resize and reposition the logo as you want.

add company logos 06

Step 2: Right-click the logo and select Show over Multiple Slides. Next, choose to place the logo in the top or bottom layer of the object stack order.

add company logos 07

After that, in the Timeline and the Selection pane, the logo name changes to blue. Blue object name indicates that the object is displayed over multiple slides.

add company logos 08

At this point, the logo appears in all slides starting from the current slide. This is due to the Show to the End of Project option (right-click the logo Time Bar > Show to the End of Project). So, if you inserted the logo into the first slide, then it would show over all slides in the project. And your work is done here. That said, you can totally decide in which slides your logo will appear. Take these additional steps:

Step 3: In the Timeline pane, click All Slides to view all slides in the project.

add company logos 09

Step 4: Drag the logo Time Bar along the Timeline and/or change its length to decide where the logo is visible.

Tip: To display the logo back in a single slide, first select the slide you want. It can be any slide in the project as long as it’s currently showing the logo. Then, in the Timeline, right-click the logo Time Bar and select Show in Current Slide.

add company logos 10

Now you know how to deal with corporate branding in your training content by adding a logo. Hope that this helps.

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