Tutorials & Tips about Rapid eLearning Authoring

We write tutorials, guides and tips about rapid interactive HTML5 elearning authoring.

5 Tips to Write Assessments Effectively

This blog introduces you to 5 tips to write assessments effectively which are defining the number of questions, creating qualitative question content, writing short questions, using simple language and using images as answers.

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How to Assess Students Learning Online

While online learning becomes more familiar, the assessment methods also change to catch up with the technology development. Forget the old-fashioned paper and pencil method, recent advances in technology can assist teachers to assess students learning online.

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How to Give Written Feedback to Students Effectively

Effective written feedback is one of the vital components of a successful learner-centered eLearning course. The truth is that feedback offered properly will make learners feel motivated and inspired, thereby enhancing the learning process. So, how do you give written feedback in eLearning courses effectively? Let’s find out the answer to this question in today’s blog post.

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A Free Online Learning Website for All Ages

On the hunt for free educational websites and online resources? There are tons of them out there on the Internet. However, if you’re seeking a free online learning website for all ages and in various subject areas, Khan Academy may be your answer. Have you ever heard of this website?

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Create Shape Patterns Game in ActivePresenter 8

Shape Patterns Game is designed for kindergarteners. Similar to Color Patterns, this game asks players to identify a repeating pattern of various objects. After recognizing a repeating pattern, players need to continue it by dragging or selecting an object.

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Generate Passive Income from Online Courses Selling

These needs of broadening knowledge and upgrading skills have opened up a great opportunity for all of us to get paid for our know-how. For example, you can create a YouTube channel or a blog sharing what you know on a certain topic. Also, online courses selling is another great way to get passive income from your know-how.

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How to Convert Static Slides into Interactive eLearning

Let’s explore two essential activities of interactive eLearning and a practical example of converting an existing PowerPoint project into an interactive eLearning course with ActivePresenter.

Create Hidden Objects Game in ActivePresenter 8

Do you think you can create games with ActivePresenter? Yes, you can. Let’s see how to create Hidden Objects Game with simple steps.

4 Core Benefits of eLearning Quizzes

As an essential part of eLearning courses, quizzes do good to both educators and learners. How so? Keep reading to learn four core benefits of eLearning quizzes as well as secret tips to design appealing and successful quizzes.

Create Color Patterns Game in ActivePresenter 8

Color Patterns Game is an engaging activity that helps kids to practice identifying patterns and colors in a fun way. Through this game, kids learn how to make predictions and see relationships between abstract concepts. In this blog post, let’s learn how to create this amusing game in ActivePresenter 8.

How to Create Picture Reveal Game in ActivePresenter 8

Picture Reveal Game is a popular game that consists of 4 puzzle pieces covering a complete picture. To get clues, players have to answer corresponding questions on the board correctly. Their job is to try to open the pieces to guess what the picture is.

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